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Discover the Timeless Elegance of County Limerick: A Gateway to Ireland’s Past and Present

County Limerick, where the lush landscapes are adorned with the vibrant green, pristine white, and golden hues of special shamrocks, stands as a testament to Ireland’s rich history and vibrant culture. In partnership with and, we are excited to offer an array of accommodation choices, ensuring your stay in Limerick is as comfortable as it is enchanting.


Things To Do in Limerick

Limerick, with its majestic castles, ancient ruins, and lively cultural scene, offers a plethora of activities for all types of explorers. From kayaking on the River Shannon to walking the medieval streets of Limerick City, the county melds outdoor adventure with cultural immersion. Discover the stories of kings at King John’s Castle, or delve into the art and history at the Hunt Museum.

Top Tourist Attractions in Limerick
King John’s Castle: An iconic 13th-century castle offering stunning views and a rich history.
Lough Gur: A serene lake surrounded by archaeological sites and walking trails.
Adare Village: Known as Ireland’s prettiest village, with thatched cottages and manicured gardens.
The Ballyhoura Mountains: A haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering hiking, biking, and adventure sports.

Session Pubs in Limerick

Limerick’s session pubs are the soul of its nightlife, where traditional Irish music and dance come alive. Experience the vibrant atmosphere at Dolan’s Pub, a venue renowned for live music and authentic Irish sessions, or unwind at The Locke Bar, where the blend of history, music, and gastronomy creates an unforgettable experience.

Restaurants in Limerick

Limerick’s culinary landscape is a testament to its diversity, offering everything from traditional Irish fare to international cuisine. Enjoy the farm-to-table offerings at The Mustard Seed in Ballingarry, or savor the contemporary dishes at The French Table on the banks of the Shannon. Limerick’s food scene, with its emphasis on local produce, is sure to delight any palate

Explore Limerick’s Tourist Towns

Limerick City: The vibrant heart of the county, where history and modernity coalesce.

Things To Do: Visit the Hunt Museum, stroll through the People’s Park.
Places To Go: Limerick City Gallery of Art, Milk Market.
Restaurants: The French Table, Cornstore.
Pubs: The Locke Bar, Nancy Blake’s.
Hair and Beauty Salons: Marbles Hair & Beauty, Catherine’s Hair & Beauty.
Spas: Revas Spa, Rain Spa and Wellness Clinic at the Radisson Blu.

Adare: Ireland’s prettiest village, offering a step back into a more genteel era.

Things To Do: Adare Heritage Centre, Adare Manor Golf Club.
Places To Go: Desmond Castle, Adare’s Thatched Cottages.
Restaurants: The Blue Door, 1826 Adare.
Pubs: Collins’ Bar, Aunty Lena’s.
Hair and Beauty Salons: Adare Beauty, Halos Beauty Salon.
Spas: Adare Manor Spa.

Newcastle West: A bustling market town rich in history and charm.

Things To Do: Desmond Castle Tours, Great Southern Trail.
Places To Go: The Square, Newcastle West Golf Club.
Restaurants: Brown Morel, Market Place Brasserie.
Pubs: Dan Cronin’s Bar, The Silver Dollar Bar.
Hair and Beauty Salons: Bliss Beauty, Hair FX Salon.
Spas: Not directly available, but serene countryside offers natural relaxation.

Why Visit County Limerick?

County Limerick is a destination where every visitor can find something to love, from the historic walls of ancient castles to the lively rhythms of traditional music pubs. It’s a place where the past is always present, inviting you to explore Ireland’s storied history and vibrant culture. Whether you’re seeking outdoor adventure, culinary delights, or simply the peace found in the Irish countryside, Limerick offers an array of experiences that are both enriching and unforgettable. With its welcoming towns, panoramic landscapes, and deep-rooted history, Limerick beckons you to discover the heart of Ireland’s Shannon Region. Choose Limerick for your next holiday and let the timeless elegance of this beautiful county captivate your heart.


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